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Just to get started

This blog has been created as a part of the Social Media Elective. We are a group of students studying Media and Communication studies at LCC… some of us are bankrupt, some are really into art, some write in three languages and for some it’s all about the Pharaohs. I don’t know much about the others because I haven’t subscribed to their blogs yet. From now on, I’ll try to fight the lack of inspiration I’ve been infected with and will post some interesting stuff connected to whatever inspires me, makes me happy or angry.


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NO LOGO = my bible

I’ve been researching on the issue of branding for the past year and I must admit that Naomi Klein’s book NO LOGO has been my bible. Although it was published 11 years ago I think it remains to be the broadest and most inspiring critique on the world of branding.

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Hohoho from LCC!

my first post

next ones coming soon

watch this space

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